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Help Empower the Next Generation

Thank you for considering a donation to Code E Locs! Your generous support plays a vital role in our mission to provide quality coding education to young minds in Las Vegas. By contributing, you are helping us inspire and nurture the next generation of coders and innovators.

Why Donate:
  • Empower Young Coders: Your donation directly supports our programs, enabling us to offer coding classes and workshops to kids of all backgrounds.

  • Expand Access: With your help, we can reach more students, provide scholarships, and make coding education accessible to all.

  • Fuel Innovation: By investing in Code E Locs, you're investing in the future of technology and innovation. Your support fosters creativity and problem-solving skills in our students.

One Time Donation

Empower young coders with a one-time donation today.

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Monthly Giving

Expand your impact by making a monthly  contribution to coding education for all kids.

Sponsor A Class

Sponsor a Coding Class for $150 to go toward coding instructor stipend and class refreshments.

Corporate Partnerships

Reach out to partner with us in making a change.

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